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  • Alpine PV Stressors

    Alpine conditions present harsher operating environments. Snow accumulation, strong winds, ice formation, hailstorms, high irradiance, high UV radiation and low temperature are among the main stressors.

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  • Parametric study on a swiss location for alpine PV systems

    This page gives an overview about different simulation results about PV systems carried out for an alpine location in Switzerland. For that, different parameters are changed and analyzed.

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  • Pitztal Glacier

    This article contains information about the PV plant on Pitztal glacier, with a focus on electrical and module properties as well as details about the installation. A list of weblinks provides further information.

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    In mountainous countries, the availability of open spaces for ground-based PV systems is limited, so PV systems also have to be installed as integrated solutions in buildings, infrastructures, multi-purpose applications and alpine regions.

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