Snowy alpine skyline with cloudy but bright blue sky
Solar panels showing reflection of snowy alpine skyline
Preview of a map displaying markers to show positioning of (potential) alpine pv projects
Concept image of data gathering and statistical working; showing different graphs
Visualisation of open book, laptop, browser tabs and folder icons


Solar panels with reflection of orange and pink clouds


Latest Knowledge Articles

  • Yield determination according to Art. 71a EnG

    This article explains the federal government’s guidelines for the promotion of large solar energy systems. The first part provides a brief overview of the application process, while the second part explains the simulation methodology.

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  • Air Transport Material Delivery

    With the recent increase in alpine PV plants, air transport has become increasingly relevant to move PV modules and building materials to installation sites. This article compares cargo transport via helicopter and via cargo drone.

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  • Alpine PV Stressors

    Alpine conditions present harsher operating environments. Snow accumulation, strong winds, ice formation, hailstorms, high irradiance, high UV radiation and low temperature are among the main stressors.

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  • Parametric study on a swiss location for alpine PV systems

    This page gives an overview about different simulation results about PV systems carried out for an alpine location in Switzerland. For that, different parameters are changed and analyzed.

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